The many uses of XP

There are many uses of experience points in Cypher. It's not just for tiering (leveling) up! The book talks about some, but I’m going to expand these uses even further! 

The usual (as per the book!): 1XP can be used to re-roll one die roll. Or to reject a GM intrusion (in which case you get 2XP; you give one to another player). 8XP are needed to tier up to the next tier (level up); for more information click here.

XP can also be used for both short-term benefits and long-term benefits:

Additional short-term uses of XP include:

1XP can be used for narrative flavor for a single scene. For example, you just happen to have a crowbar for opening a chest. Or, you can modify the way your cypher or artifact works, staying within the original use of the device but stretching it a little bit for that scene.

1XP can grant you short-term use of an NPC that will help you out for a short amount of time, or is an expert in a particular field.

1XP can also grant you and the group a temporary “safe house”

2XP gain short term temporary use of an item or temporary ability, like from a higher tier (you an also use Modify Abilities on the Fly p. 226)

Some possible long-term (NB: these should have a long and impactful effect on the campaign):

(Some of these are in the rulebook)

1XP Gain training in a very focused skill. (=One level of difficulty less)

1XP Familiarity: +1 to the die roll of a given task

2XP can grant you a longer-term use of an NPC who can assist you over a period of time. (Preferably someone from your backstory). With 3XP this can be like a minion, or companion creature, or something like that.

2 XP can grant you more wealth or a title.

2-3XP can build a cypher or an artifact (Mark’s character already has some of these). Or modify an existent cypher or artifact.

2-3XP can give you a headquarters or base of operations. (You already have one, so spending XP on it would improve it)

All of the above is meant as a guide; but, we can as a group change this and decide together on the final cost of these things.

NB: I can offer refunds of XP for things you “purchase” which we all decide are no longer useful in the campaign.

The many uses of XP

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