Character Advancement (Tiering Up)

(NB: the following is modified from the Cypher Rulebook. In the Rulebook, tiering up requires 16XP. In our campaign, we will require 8XP. These 8XP are spent as outlined below)

Progressing to the next tier involves four stages. When a PC has spent 2XP on each of the stages, he advances to the next tier and gains type and focus benefits appropriate to that tier. These new benefits (in our game, called superpowers) will be negotiated with the GM, with input from the other players.

The four stages can be purchased in any order, but each can be purchased only once per tier. In other words, a PC must buy all four stages and advance to the next tier before she can buy the next stage again.

NB: According to the Rulebook, there are a total of six tiers in Cypher. In other words, a character cannot advance beyond Tier 6. We can discuss this when the time comes—i.e. I am open to allowing Tiers beyond 6 if we all agree on a logical path of progression.

Here are the four stages:

Increasing Capabilities: you gain 4 new stats to add to your stat Pools. You can allocate the points among your Pools however you wish.

Moving Towards Perfection: You add 1 to your Might Edge, your Speed Edge, or your Intellect Edge (your choice).

Extra Effort: Your Effort score increases by 1. In other words, you can expend an extra level of Effort  to dice rolls.

Skills: You become trained in one skill of your choice, other than attacks or defense. If you choose a skill that you are already trained in, you become specialized in that skill.

Other Options: Players can also spend 2XP to purchase other special options. Selecting one of these options counts as purchasing one of the four stages necessary to advance to the next tier. The other three need to be from the other standard categories. The special options are as follows:

  • Reduce the cost of wearing armor. This option lowers the Speed penalty for wearing armor by 1.
  • Add +2 to each of your four daily Recovery rolls (normally, a PC only adds their tier).





Character Advancement (Tiering Up)

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