Triangle Heroes

2019 Holiday Season Interlude - revised

After defeating “Krampus”, you spend the next hour answering questions from police, and helping calm the Winter Wonderland crowd. In the weeks that follow, Lightshow takes the young mutant who conjured the demon—Nigel Farmer—under his wing. Lightshow learns that the father of the high-functioning autistic teen is none other than John Farmer, aka the (now incarcerated) telekinetic leader of the Confederate Four, Ringleader. Months before, John had kicked Nigel out of the house after his son told him he’s gay. While living with his friend Janine Pendergast (author of numerous online Triangle Heroes fan fiction stories), Nigel manifested a metahuman ability to create temporary creatures and objects—comprised of pure mental energy—directly from his drawings. 

As December wears on, the climate in the Northern Hemisphere reaches normal, seasonable temperatures and patterns. Throughout the month, there is a buzz of activity on your “Hero” app, most notably: (1) Gone Girl apprehends thugs stealing Christmas gifts from a Raleigh charity; (2) Lightshow is asked to visit patients, and pass out holiday gifts, at Duke Children’s Hospital; and (3) Morph is called to break up a drunken brawl at a corporate holiday party in RTP. Each of Lightshow’s appearances continue to increase local Latin community pride, while each of Morph’s appearances strengthen online conspiracy arguments that he is actually Plastron [ideas first conceived in November, when he rescued an underwater welder from waters off Cape Fear]. 

Meanwhile, your team quietly completes the move to your new warehouse headquarters near RDU airport. On December 14, Lance (aka Dynamo, aka The Great American) asks you to help him retrieve his personal effects from his residence in Washington, DC. Ingenious superpowered prowess (involving well-timed combinations of all your powers) helps you quietly and spectacularly accomplish this task, your spaceship Fryday flying you undetected to the nation’s capital and back again.

One week later, on December 21—the Winter Solstice, and the second anniversary of you receiving your superpowers from the alien called Starri—Fryday receives a transmission from Starri’s mother, Angelique. You are relieved to learn that according to Kyrmellian surveillance, the evil alien Grays have abandoned their plans to invade Earth. She further informs you that the ship she is sending at your request, bearing supplies for restoring interstellar capability to Fryday’s “quad core” engine, is on-track to arrive in August 2020. 

Also on December 21, Sonny Gibbs (aka Blurred Vision) is discovered wandering the streets of Raleigh in a fragile mental state, yelling at traffic lights. On that day he is admitted to Holly Hill Hospital, a local mental facility. When you visit Sonny, you meet his parents, a two simple farmers from Wake Forest. Despite his dire mental state, they are nonetheless happy, as they haven’t heard from Sonny in nearly two years, since the day he was transported back to the Civil War era. They wrongly assume that he’s been wandering and homeless since the time of his disappearance—and you don’t correct that assumption.  

Sandra Leibowitz is equally ecstatic about Rachel’s re-emergence, her happiness tempered somewhat by anger as well as an understandable concern for her daughter’s safety. At Rachel’s insistence, her mother doesn’t tell anyone else that Rachel is back; and despite her mother’s pleas otherwise, Rachel continues to live at Triangle Heroes headquarters. As Hanukkah draws near, the two get close again, sharing stories about their time apart. Sandra reveals that she’s been experimenting with Kabbalah, an ancient form of Jewish mysticism, to help her cope with her daughter’s absence. Many prayers are recited and gifts exchanged, and the reunited pair enjoy a quiet yet joyous holiday together.

Lightshow spends a very merry Christmas with his mother, extended family, and beloved dog, Sandy. Meanwhile, Morph travels to Florida and spends the holiday with Deanna and his two children, who are living under assumed names. As the New Year approaches, both local and national news agencies recount the reappearance of the Triangle Heroes (and their foiling of “Reverse Plastron”, who masqueraded for a year as Plastron) as one of the top news stories of 2019. Their reappearance prompts MSNBC to declare 2019 “The Year of the Metahuman”, citing the debut of new superheroes Lightshow, Morph and Dynamo—as well as the supervillain team known as The Confederate Four. News outlets credit the bestselling book “Gone Girl—the True Story of the World’s First Superheroine”—authored by a UNC Chapel Hill professor of Women’s Studies—as one important factor in the overwhelmingly positive public perception of metahumans. [Of course, the top story of the year, hands down, was the attempted invasion of Earth by the evil, alien Grays—proof, finally, that extraterrestrial life exists. Among many, many other repercussions of this revelation, the Trump administration has used it as further justification for the creation of a "Space Force."]

In an effort to become better acquainted with Rachel’s new friends, Sandra opens her home to everyone—Morph, Lightshow, and Dynamo—for an intimate New Year’s Eve gathering. Concerned about revealing his secret identity, Lightshow uses his powers of illusion to mask his face from Sandra, but is otherwise forthcoming. Biting into a blintz, Lightshow realizes he's very glad he turned down an invitation to appear at Raleigh's "First Night" celebration (one of countless invitations he and the other heroes received). Each of you share stories both amusing and harrowing with Rachel’s mother, who provides a scrumptious buffet and bottles of wine. At the stroke of midnight, Lance steals a kiss from Rachel, who is greatly annoyed. 

Late the next morning—New Year’s Day—you are roused from your sleep by an urgent phone call from the FBI. As you listen, conference-call-style, FBI agents inform you that the two remaining members of the Confederate Four—Professor Echo and Rebel Yell—have issued an ultimatum to the federal government. They wish to exchange their captives—Rev. William Barber Jr., Rev. Lawrence Owens and his wife, and US Representative G.K. Butterfield—for the now-incarcerated Confederate Four members Ringleader and Gamechanger, and their guru and inspiration, The White Knight! To make matters worse—to prove they’re serious—they are threatening to kill one of their captives every 24 hours that their demands aren’t met. As echoes of Auld Lang Syne drift in from a television in the other room, a chilling sense of dread overcomes you all, as you gaze around the room at each other…


Nice! Happy new year!

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