The Musketeer

The Musketeer is a brash swordsman who fights with panache


The Musketeer is a brash swordsman who fights with panache (warrior)


Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 0


  • pool: 12
    • base: 10 + 2 (options)
  • edge: 1 (extra edge)


  • pool: 14
    • base: 10 + 2 (Brash) + 2 (options)
  • edge: 1


  • pool: 10
    • base: 8 + 2 (options)
  • edge: 0


  • 2
    • +1 (Ward), +1 (Golem Body)

Special abilities:

  • Swipe (1 Speed point): This is a quick, agile melee attack. Your attack inflicts 1 less point of damage than normal but dazes your target for one round, during which time the difficulty of all tasks it performsis modified by one step to its detriment. Action.
  • Control the Field (1 Might point): This melee attack inflicts 1 less point of damage than normal, but regardless of whether
you hit the target, you maneuver it into a position you desire within immediate range. Action.
  • Extra Edge: Your physical nature grants you an Edge of 1 in both Speed and Might, rather than one or the other.
  • Thrust (1 Might point): This is a powerful melee stab. You make an attack and inflict 1 additional point of damage if your weapon has a sharp edge or point. Action.


Might Skills:

  • Running
  • Swimming (zero-g movement)

Speed Skills:

  • none

Intellect Skills:

  • none


You’re a self-assertive sort, confident in your abilities, energetic, and perhaps a bit irreverent toward ideas that you don’t agree with. Some people call you bold and brave, but those you’ve put in their place might call you puffed up and arrogant. Whatever. It’s not in your nature to care what other people think about you, unless those people are your friends or family. Even someone as brash as you knows that friends sometimes have to come first.
You gain the following characteristics: Energetic: +2 to your Speed Pool. Skill: You are trained in initiative.
Bold: You are trained in all actions that
involve overcoming or ignoring the effects of fear or intimidation.

Fights with Panache
You know that style is at least as important as substance. Defeating foes is secondary to looking good while doing it. Some might call you a swashbuckler or daredevil. You leap through the air, make a flourish with your weapon, and attack, usually with a clever, biting show of wit. Your enemies hate you, but your allies adore you. Just watching you fight is entertaining.
You very likely wear no armor, instead preferring stylish clothing—perhaps even a hat with a feather.

  • Additional Equipment: You begin with a set of extremely stylish clothes and a jeweled weapon.
    Minor Effect Suggestion: The target is so dazzled by your style that it is dazed for one round, during which time the difficulty of its tasks is modified by one step to its detriment.
    Major Effect Suggestion: Make an additional attack with your weapon on your turn.

Tier 1

  • Attack Flourish. With your attack, you add stylish moves, entertaining quips, or a certain something that entertains or impresses others. Choose any number of creatures within short range who can see you; each of them gains a +1 bonus to its next die roll. Enabler.

Power Shifts

Accuracy: 2

  • All attack rolls

Dexterity: 3

  • Movement, acrobatics, initiative, and Speed defense


  • Excalibur: “magic” sword (ranged with “energy” + melee)

The Musketeer

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