Blurred Vision


Sunny Gibbs, aka “Blurred Vision”, is an impulsive explorer who senses danger.

Tier: 1
Effort: 1
XP: 4

pool: 10
◦ base: 10
edge: 1
pool: 20
◦ base: 9 + 4 (additional points) +2 (impulsive) +5 (Speed Power special ability)
edge: 1
pool: 11
◦ base: 9 + 2 (additional points)
edge: 0

Explorer Special Abilities:
Danger Sense (1 Speed point): The difficulty of your initiative roll is reduced by one step. Enabler.
Extra Edge: You have a Might Edge of 1 and a Speed Edge of 1.
Fleet of Foot: If you succeed at a difficulty 2 Speed roll to run, you can move a short distance and take an action in the same round. Enabler.
Knowledge Skills: Trained in Local Knowledge and Religion.
Might Skills:
• None
Speed Skills:
• Initiative actions (reduced by 1 difficulty class; further reduced by 1 difficulty class by danger sense power; further reduced by 2 difficulty classes by power shift)
• Speed defense actions (reduced by 1 difficulty class; further reduced by 3 difficulty classes by power shift)
Intellect Skills:
• Local Knowledge
• Religion

Character Notes:

“Impulsive” Descriptor Abilities:
Reckless: +2 to your Speed Pool.
Skill: You’re trained in initiative actions.
Skill: You are trained in Speed defense actions.
Inability: You’ll try anything once or twice. The difficulty of any task that involves patience, willpower or discipline is increased one step.

“Explorer” Type Abilities:
Tier 1
Effort: 1
Physical Nature: Might Edge of 1. Speed Edge of 0. Intellect Edge of 0.
Cypher Use: Can bear two cyphers at a time.
Practiced With Light and Medium Weapons: Can use light and medium weapons without penalty. Enabler.
Starting Equipment: Appropriate clothing and a weapon of your choice (fist).
4 Special Abilities: Danger Sense, Extra Edge, Fleet of Foot, Knowledge Skills (Local Knowledge; Religion) all detailed above.

“Senses Danger” Focus Abilities:
Tier 1
Speed. You gain 5 additional points to your Speed Pool. Enabler. Running Speed: You move much further than normal in a round, but only in the same round, OR the immediate round following, use of Danger Sense or Vision. This means that as part of another action, you can move up to a short distance with a difficulty of 0. As an action, you can move a long distance, or up to 200 feet as a Speed-based task with a difficulty of 4. Enabler.

Intrusion Suggestion: Surfaces can be slick, or offer hidden obstacles.
Minor and Major Effect Suggestions: Speed defense: Your precognitive sense are so “switched on” that you’re able to warn your teammates of incoming dangers, allowing them to reduce their next action one difficulty level (Minor) or two difficulty levels (Major).

Visions (2 intellect points). You receive short bursts of information (GM’s discretion) in the form of visions that you can both see and hear. Enabler.

Power Shifts
Dexterity: 3
• Movement, acrobatics, initiative, and Speed defense.
Special Ability: Speed: 2
• You can move a long distance, or up to a 200 feet as a Speed-based task with a difficulty of 2, but only in the round immediately following Danger Sense or Vision.


Deacon Bartholomew “Sunny” Gibbs grew up in Wake Forest, NC. The son of an Episcopal priest, he’s always struggled with believing in God. A few years ago, at the age of 26, Sunny enrolled in the seminary in Raleigh’s Episcopalian Diocese, and began studying to be a priest. He was ordained just this past year. As part of his formation as a priest, Sunny has been volunteering as the “ward chaplain” in Wake Med’s ICU unit, where he got to know Henry Harrison, Rachel Liebowitz and Bill Armasmith (the PC’s).

Sunny insists he encountered a glowing angel wandering through the halls of the hospital during the night of the Winter Solstice, December 21: the night when a spaceship crashed into the building holding the ICU. Sunny reached out and touched the glowing creature and received a very special power: the power of prophecy—i.e. visions. This encounter (which he interprets as divine intervention) and his gift (“a gift from God” he says) have, needless to say, bolstered Sunny’s faith in a powerful way.

Recently, Sunny’s powers haven’t been as reliable as they originally were. This has left Sunny disillusioned and a bit shaken, compared to his normally upbeat self.

Blurred Vision

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